Register as a Farm/ Employer

If you own or operate a farm or ranch in Alberta, this is the user type for you. This is the only user type that allows you to register both yourself and your business with AgSafe Alberta.

IMPORTANT: If you are managing this account for a farm or ranch, you will need to register yourself as an employee as well.

There are 4 membership levels each with their own safety certification requirements based on the type and number and employees on your farm or ranch. For more details on the differences between the 4 membership levels, download the latest Certification Level Chart here.

Membership Levels and Costs

* Membership is free, thanks to a grant from the Government of Alberta.


$100.00 /yr


Family Only

Managing everyday risks


$200.00 /yr


1-5 Employees

Looking after our people


$300.00 /yr


6-19 Employees

Managing safety for my farm team


$400.00 /yr


20+ Employees

Managing safety for my farm team

Still not sure which type to choose? Contact us at 403-219-7901 or today and we can answer any questions you might have.