About Us

AgSafe Alberta Society is a collaboration of crop and livestock sector producer groups that have come together to develop and deliver farm safety management tools, resources and programs for farmers and ranchers in the province of Alberta.  The goal is to enable farm businesses to take the next step to establishing practical farm safety management systems that will help enhance the development of a ‘safety culture,’ where safety is a fully integrated part of the farm business.



The AgSafe Alberta Society held the inaugural Annual General Meeting on June 28th at the Sheraton in Red Deer, Alberta.  The AGM was recorded and video proceedings are available for viewing at the following link: 



After the AGM, the Government of Alberta, Alberta Labour representative, Ross Nairne (Executive Director, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Program Development) provided a presentation and technical briefing on the new Occupational Health and Safety Requirements for Farms and Ranches in Alberta.  View the Alberta Labour Technical Briefing presentation at the following link:

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AgSafe Alberta Society Supporting Members

Alberta Barley Commission

Alberta Beekeepers Commission

Alberta Beef Producers

Alberta Canola Producers Commission

Alberta Cattle Feeders' Association

Alberta Chicken Producers

Alberta Elk Commission

Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association

Alberta Grazing Leaseholders Association

Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association

Alberta Hatching Egg Producers

Alberta Lamb Producers

Alberta Milk

Alberta Pork Producers

Alberta Pulse Growers Commission

Alberta Seed Growers Association

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

Alberta Turkey Producers

Alberta Vegetable Growers (Processing)

Alberta Wheat Commission

Alfalfa Seed Commission

Bison Producers of Alberta

Egg Farmers of Alberta

Forage Network

Landscape Alberta

Potato Growers of Alberta