June 6, 2019

Who Is AgSafe Alberta?

3 must-know facts about AgSafe Alberta

Here is a snapshot of who we are, what we do, and how we can help you:

1. Who is AgSafe Alberta?

The AgSafe Alberta Society is an industry-led collaboration of crop and livestock sector producer groups that have come together to develop and deliver farm safety management tools, resources, and programs for Alberta farmers and ranchers. The organization is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing Alberta’s agriculture commissions and associations. We have three full-time staff members:

  • Executive Director — Jody Wacowich, MBA, BsSc.

  • Safety Manager — Kaylee Waldner, CRSP

  • Communications Manager — Shannon Lyons

AgSafe Alberta also has a team of contracted Advisors who visit farms and ranches throughout Alberta to do farm visits and consultations.

2. What does AgSafe Alberta do?

We are helping to grow a culture of safety on Alberta farms and ranches by providing practical information, education and training for farmers, farm families, and employees.

AgSafe Alberta provides the following:

  • Farm safety tools, training and resources to help producers get started with farm safety planning/ based on a n nine-module Alberta FarmSafe Plan

  • Centralized farm safety resources for Alberta farmers from the industry-led provider of safety resources and services

  • Resources and training for farmers, farm families, and employees to help them manage and enhance safety programming on their farms

AgSafe Alberta Advisors and staff promote farm and ranch safety, host local workshops, encourage on-farm demonstrations, and visit Alberta farms to set up formalized farm safety plans. These programs are tailored to the farm’s size, commodity, and level of complexity determined by the farm manager. On-farm safety services include:

  • Supporting producers in starting or expanding farm safety management systems

  • Assisting with risk assessments, farm safety audits, and hazard assessments

  • Providing on-farm safety consultation

  • Confidential Incident Assistance Hotline that is answered by AgSafe Alberta staff 24/7/365 — 1-833-9AGSAFE (1-833-924-7233)

Our resources include instruction through QuickStart Guides, forms and templates, introduction to risk assessment, hazard assessment, emergency response planning, and interactive e-courses.

3. Why was AgSafe Alberta formed?

When the Government of Alberta introduced the Bill 6 Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers’ Act in late 2015, Alberta’s agriculture industry took a proactive approach in addressing the legislation by joining together as the AgCoalition to advocate with one voice on behalf of Alberta’s commodity groups. The formation of AgSafe Alberta in 2017 was one of the outcomes of this coalition.

The resources and services that AgSafe Alberta offers farms and ranches reflect the current requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code, and are informed by our visits to Alberta farms and ranches.

AgSafe Alberta received a grant from Alberta Labour to build our resources so we can better support farms and ranches in Alberta in growing their safety culture. AgSafe Alberta is recognized by the Government of Alberta as the organization for farm safety support and services.

At the end of the day, we want to help everyone involved with farming and ranching to stay safe so everyone can return home safe and sound.

Stay tuned as we share more information about AgSafe Alberta and all that we offer farmers and ranchers, over the coming weeks.