July 23, 2019

Cause Safety For Children Living In Or Visiting Your Workplace

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In agriculture — unlike most industries — farmers live where they work. Children living in a workplace are exposed to machinery, flowing grain, livestock, pesticides and other chemicals. A child may not obey signage or use common sense.

Eliminate hazards by seeing potential dangers through their eyes and from their level.

  • The entire farm is not a play space. Designate a specific play area in the farm yard to keep children away from the risks on the farm. Keep in mind: if hazardous areas are more attractive than the play area, it will be difficult to keep children within it.

  • High visibility vests, shirts, or hats ensure children stand out when playing in designated areas on the farm.

  • Teach small children the nuts and bolts of farm safety and emphasize which areas are off-limits. What is obvious to an adult is not always obvious to a child. Regularly explain and enforce the safety aspects of the job and why certain things are dangerous.

Farm safety contracts for parents and children

Why develop a farm safety contract?

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Both parents and children should commit to causing safety on the farm.
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A farm safety contract is an effective way to instill the importance of safety between a parent and child(ren). It’s a joint commitment that gives parents peace of mind, knowing their expectations have been laid out, discussed, and agreed upon by everyone involved.

1. Print out the contract.

2. Talk about the safety rules important for your farm.

3. Write them down.

4. Sign it together.

What are the benefits of having a farm safety contract?

  • For Children: the farm safety contract can help them understand the hazards found on your farm — places and situations that might be dangerous — and what they can do to avoid them.

  • For Parents: the farm safety contract helps your child understand the hazards and risks on your farm. It can be used as a tool to make a clear commitment to safety on your farm.

Parents, and others working on the farm, must set a good example, both for their own safety and as role models for children living on or visiting the farm.

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