Field Relay interview with our Executive Director, Jody Wacowich

"A farm can complete the paperwork and have a plan in place to ensure they are meeting legislation, but unless they work to develop the safety culture and get the commitment of everyone working on the farm, the plan won’t prevent injuries or incidents. They need to show their employees they are committed to their safety and are asking for them to be committed to their own safety as well."


This year, to help tackle thE pervasive problem of distracted driving, we’re sharing resources developed by SafeStart, who have added a focus on cyclist safety by creating two new toolbox talks to go along with several other free driving resources. The key to unlocking driver distraction isn’t behind the wheel—it’s in teaching people to maintain focus everywhere distraction occurs.

The brain has a habit of thinking about unfinished tasks, urgent business and things on the to-do list. It’s like a never-ending stream of mental text messages that divert attention from where it’s needed most.

Check out these resources:

Please use these to help your workers stay safe on the road.