October 1, 2020

Road Safety

Load securement: Make sure that you properly secure any loads that you're hauling. Even small bales can cause a serious accident if they aren't properly secured.
Moving farming equipment: Make sure to adhere to the manufacturing guidelines of your vehicles if you're moving equipment. Having a towed piece of farm equipment blow a tire or become unstable at highway speeds is not good for the vehicle operator or anyone else on the road.
Slow moving farm vehicles on higher speed roadways: Moving equipment might mean having to travel down higher-speed roadways. Depending on the road, your combine or tractor might be hard to see until the last minute. Lighting, flags or pilot vehicles can help make sure that you are seen by everyone well in advance.

If you’re going to be driving very slow, in a large vehicle or on a fast road, make yourself very visible or consider if it would be safer to transport some or all of the load on a trailer (i.e. headers).

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