November 16, 2020

Welcome to our new Safety Manager!

Kaia Fossheim was raised on farm North of Edson, Alberta. Her parents and older sister broke away from the paternal family farm to start their own a few years prior to her birth. Her childhood was spent in the field, garden, working cattle & sheep, tending to chickens, rabbits, horses and at times helping her father on his sawmill. Clearing land and starting a farm has its many challenges, so her father often had to be away working in the oilfield. When he was home, she credits her father with passing on a lot of the safety minded thinking that was coming into the oil patch at that time. The family would often have tailgate meetings about the jobs they were going to perform and to think about what could go wrong before starting. Her family was always keenly aware of the impact being down a person could make whether due to injury or illness , with her father working out of town frequently and her mother dauntlessly handling serious health challenges while overseeing the farm in her husbands absence. They were all grateful to be able to exchange help with other family members who farmed, and continue to be thankful for the sense of community among the many farmers and family members who helped with the tasks Kaia and her sister were too young to perform during some difficult times.

Kaia’s formal health and safety experience first started two decades ago as a business owner, where she recognized the responsibility she had to employees and their families. Both personal experience as well as conversations with friends, family and acquaintances who had been injured or lost someone they loved at work left a lasting impression on her over the years. Kaia spent some time as a first responder, which she found only deepened her passion for preventing needless injuries and loss of life, particularly in rural areas where resources and response times can be far from ideal. Kaia ultimately committed herself to a dedicated career in health and safety, and promptly started furthering her education in this field though the University of New Brunswick and the various Health and Safety & Emergency Response Associations.
Kaia is honored to be a part of the AgSafe Alberta team and is ecstatic about being able to help support farmers and ranchers of all types and sizes to live and work safely.
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