December 3, 2020

Safety Minute

Take a minute when you're in warming up this winter to review contingency plans with your employees in case of COVID-19 of the farm.

Create a team for managing the COVID-19 situation around your worksite. It is best to have more than one person in case someone falls ill.

A hazard assessment should be completed at your workplace and controls implemented to help prevent the spread. Follow the recommendations from the provincial and federal government updates. Communicate this with your employees.

Farms can encourage social distancing through administrative controls like:

  • Engaging your employees in planning for the management of everyone’s health and safety
  • Having morning huddles to divide tasks (can be done outside or by phone)
  • Change schedules so that employees arrive at different times and have different break times

Review Your Emergency Response Plan

You should also review your emergency response plan, see the FarmSafe Plan manual and workbook for information on emergency response planning. Plan for what work has to be done with a reduced workforce and cross train employees if possible.

Watch for signs of stress in your employees. Encourage them to talk to others and to reach out for help if they are feeling overwhelmed. Alberta Mental Health advice is available 24/7 at 1-877-303-2642.

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