December 3, 2020

Slips Trips and Falls

Last month, we asked you what you thought the greatest on-farm injury was. This month, we're here to give you the statistics that show falls as the greatest injury.

Check out the WCB stats from October 2020 here

Slips, trips, and falls are even more of a risk in the winter time, so take a second to review our Farm Safety Tips to keep yourself injury-free this winter and check out some new resources from the Alberta Government below:
At this time of year we see even more slips and falls due to winter conditions. As noted above falls are the most common injury in agriculture in Alberta as well. The Alberta government has several resources related to winter slips, trips and falls that have been developed to help raise awareness of common hazards and their controls. Winter-related slips, trips and falls have a significant impact on Alberta workplaces and workers each year and we are hoping to encourage employer, supervisors and workers to be extra vigilant and bring attention to this to help prevent this trend from continuing.

These current slip, trip and fall resources that focus during the winter months can be found and come in two formats:
  • Bulletins – Document that is a two or more page resource that offers a summary or focused information of a particular topic area or areas.
  • MicroLearnings – Shorter than a bulletin and single-item focused. One-page and poster-like. Can printed and posted at work site or handed out at meetings. Quick to shared on tablets or phone screens at toolbox/job site meetings, or attached to an email about a similar topic.

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