Farm Equipment Safety on Public Roads

Spring brings on a burst of activity on the farm as planting and moving livestock to pasture proceeds.  With the buzz of activity comes an increase of encounters with farm equipment on the road.  Equipment operators, agricultural industry personnel and motorists all play a role in safely sharing the road while agricultural operations intensify MORE ON ROAD SAFETY FOR FARM EQUIPMENT

Managing Risk of Fires this Harvest season

Risk of Fires during the 2017 harvest season

Minimize risk of harvest fires

It’s very dry in some areas of Alberta this 2017 harvest season, and though that offers great conditions for harvesting, it also brings a greater risk of fires.  As dry conditions persist, the potential for harvest equipment and field fires will continue to be a problem.  All it takes is a single high temperature source in the engine area, or an overheated bearing to ignite dry plant material.  Fires can cause extensive property damage including machinery, crops, and time.  Injuries to farm workers and firefighters are also an unfortunate outcome in some instances.

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