Agriculture OHS Guidelines

These Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Guidelines were developed by farmers for farmers to reflect the Government of Alberta OHS legislation. The guidelines were reviewed by the AgCoalition’s Industry Leadership Advisory Committee (ILAC) at producer meetings in Grande Prairie, Red Deer and Lethbridge in March, 2018. ILAC is comprised of farmer / rancher representatives from the member organizations of the AgCoalition.

The guidelines are formatted as follows:

  1. The first column describes the title of this Part of the OHS Code.
  2. The second column is the direct wording from the OHS Code.
  3. The third column is a description of the Intent of that Part of the OHS Code as described by industry.
  4. The next three skinny columns are an explanation of the industry’s assessment of risk. Risk is defined as the Probability (P) of an incident multiplied by the Consequence (C) of an incident. Probability can be Low (L), Medium(M) or High (H) reflecting a likelihood of occurrence being rare, occasionally or often. Consequence can be High (H), Medium (M) or Low(L) indicating a fatality/major asset loss, serious injury/significant damage or minor injury/minor damage.
  5. The final column on the right side is the agriculture industry’s Guideline Statement regarding our commitment to addressing this specific risk situation on the farm or ranch.